CAD Standards for Carlson Software with AutoCAD and IntelliCAD

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This webinar is presented by Jennifer DiBona, and was originally broadcast
on June 18, 2009. This webinar, presented by Jennifer DiBona of That Cad Girl, will be similar to one of the most popular presentations at the Carlson Software “Break New Ground” User Conference, held in April.

According to DiBona, this one-hour webinar will cover the basic setup of CAD standards using AutoCAD and/or IntelliCAD with Carlson Software. She will also discuss how to establish standard Carlson settings and then share that with other computers or users in your organization.

This is the perfect webinar for CAD Managers deploying Carlson Software on top of either an AutoCAD or IntelliCAD platform.


Sandy Edgerly says:

It would be great if the audio and video were in sync. Trying to figure out what you are doing with the wrong visual screen lagging behind what you are actually doing is very confusing.

Scott Williams says:

By God I Second Hugnaba's Comment!!!

hugnaba says:

It would really be nice to find a video that actually explains all of the menus and what all the buttons do and their importance. Searching both Carlson and YouTube has yet to yield a video/training example that actually goes into the nuts and bolts of the basic software setup and operation. And, of course, without all of the useless advertising/talk/bs. Just looking for a quick "Painless" explanation of what everything does. Help

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