Blender Level Editor Addon: Terrain Creation

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Addon for Blender, to create game levels.

In this video I show how to create terrains with the addon.

The terrains use the vertex colors to blend between 4 textures.


Adam IX says:

cosa cazzo lo metti a fare sto video se tanto non mi dai il link porca madonna

Arthur Huizar says:

That is a very Indian way if making mountains.

Samih Koçmir says:

dont fool the people

Mr. Antinatalistperson says:

is this sped up or is it fast work?

SK Joy says:

Where is the fucking link?

Max Jackson says:

Can you please link the asset?

LEGIT134 says:

How are you able to use this level editor in blender? How do I find it?

Best movies cliper says:

Sir aap video ko slow aur bol ke bnaya kariye isse new learner ko asani hogi vaise to aap ki video bahut acchi hoti hai thanks

Видео неочем says:

please link to the addon

Freelance SEO Specialist says:

latest version of addone does not support this feauturs i think as it is shown in video

Frank Lucas says:

Here you go guys. i managed to find it after some searching. ts so coll to see how much of this is in this little addon

demonyes chaos theory says:

Will love to know how to immport this leval in a game engin as well .
But i do know thet blender is a game engin as well

Phillemon Sekalo says:

This guy only wanted views….so we gave him the views now….please give us the link….lol

The Cyber Rat says:

Give the link!

karla michelle says:


yusuf alfatih says:

where is the download link !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Merpysoup says:

Where's the download link?

Layout Games says:

c'mon, man, where's the link?

Георгий Арма says:

whot the song&

G T says:

do we PM you to get the link to the addon?

Negasuki says:

shame no one else can do this

Xdragon5502 says:

how to download?

carroll6 says:

where's the download link?

SAY says:

same questions. where is the addon DL link?

mustofa susilo says:

where I can download the addo???? please share the link

Null says:

Can you please share the link?
This addon could save me a lot of time.

A A says:

Dump the music.

Racoon Media says:

I like to know also where I could find the addon 🙂 looks interesting to create quick levels

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