Autodesk ReCap 360 Workflows – Working with 2D and 3D reality data from Aerial Images

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WashDENZEL says:

Hello !) Whats song name please?))

Adal Man says:

I downloaded the program
I can not import photographs
there is a tutorial?

D C says:

Wait, I have to pay not only for the software, but every time I want to process images too? Ridiculous.

Fr00ter says:

I downloaded a 3GB Program and once i click "new photo project" it take sme to their WEBSITE ??? the whole RECAP seems to be made for laser point clouds. so why even bother ??

andreas thygesen says:

Hello Autodesk

Which application do you use for flying your drones? the one from 2:052:08 in this video?

Hope you can help me

Hardy Cheung says:

I have impoted all my photo into recap 360 pro web service. I got a email afterward but I cannot load the 3D model and in the website was showing loading for almost 5 hours. May you help me to solve this problem.

Jumana Ibrahim says:

when i took pictures with my iphone and wanted to import them they didn't show up 🙁
please help

Balamurugan Ramamurthy says:

Hi can you share some demo videos, ppt, about the functionality and workings of Recap 360 pro? Need to showcase to our clients. Pl mail to

Israel Valencia says:

Hi! very interesting!.

1. What equipment are they using? (Drone/camera brands and models).
2. Is the point cloud merely done only with photographs or was it combined with a laser scanner such as Faro?

Richard Lopez says:

this there a limit to the number of photos you can upload  to recap pro

madhellsing says:

This is got to be the coolest thing I've ever seen lol

to re says:

와 대박;;

Autodesk ReCap says:

Thanks George! Yes, if opened in Infraworks it should appear exactly on place.

George Templeman says:

I have output from a Zenmuse X5 which have converted into 3d files, very pleased with the output and level of detail from Recap360 photo. when opened in Desktop Recap360, there is no GPS data to geo-locate the file. Trying to create an ortho image that retains the GPS location date from the photos use to create the image. Opened the Tiff image in photoshop, but not GPS data recored. Does it need to be opened in Civil 3d or Infraworks to retrieve the data.

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