AutoCAD – Complete Tutorial for Beginners – Part 1

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In this tutorial we pretend to teach the most basic tools and techniques, so that the beginner can start drawing with precision.

Briefly, this is what is discussed in this video:

– How can we move around the workspace work and functions of mouse buttons
– How to draw a line with a specific dimension or with an angle
– How can we change and edit the units of measure


-Intro 0:00
-Workspace and mouse buttons 1:55

LINES 3:44
-Draw a line 4:00
-Draw a horizontal line with specific dimension 5:19
-Ortho mode 7:09
-Draw a line with an angle 8:14

-Set up units 9:50
-How to enlarge the workspace 11:00

-Object snap modes 12:51
—-Endpoint 13:11
—-Midpoint 13:19
—-Center 13:27
—-Intersection 13:42
—-Extension 13:51
—-Perpendicular 14:03
—-Parallel 14:51
-Object snap tracking 15:04

-Polyline 16:41
-Rectangle 17:38
-Circle 18:12
-Arc 19:06

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The video shows the version 2013 of AutoCAD® and it is used exclusively for educational purposes.
Autodesk screen shots reprinted courtesy of Autodesk, Inc.
The narration and all the illustrations were created by CAD in Black.


me my says:

when I select the length, it doesn't do anything. Only changes the angle, when I specify it. When I hit tab after specifying the length, the cursor jumps back to the end point of the previous line. Can somebody help?

JK Design Homes says:

Gucci Soda says:


Lazy Arquitecto Automation says:

Awesome Tutorial Cad in Black! You and your videos encouraged me to create a channel, do what I love, and help people save their best gift, THEIR TIME. Thank you!

S K says:

Thanks a lot, you refreshed my memory after more than 13 years ceasing of using AutoCAD and spark it again

autocad arfan learn 2d 3d says:

how to learn best autocad so click

autocad arfan learn 2d 3d says:

Leenden Logan says:

Very useful tutorial as beginners. Do more!

Dominic Lacroix says:

really good tutorial, i knew nothing and had to do a crash course to help the companie, really helped!

noel brown says:

Hello, please I need your help with this matter.
Is it possible to convert a map to polylines
So I can make my modifications and add what I want and all that.
Please this is my email address

benjie delapaz says:

May i know the software that this tutorial is using

Claudio Jopia Vilches says:

Fantastic explanations mate, appreciated

Muhammad Bagas says:

very helpful, thanks so much 🙂

Anatol SG says:

at speed 1.5 is quite ok
recommended! 😉

lucky o. mawesa says:

This is great man, thanks

Raj Kumar says:

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Kaushik Roy Chowdhury says:

Good one with crisp screen shots. Which screen capture software have you used to deliver the contents?

Ashutosh Modeel says:

For angle tab button is not working

The Apostate says:

One of the best tutorials. Thanks for uploading.

M&S Lewer says:

Awesome. Subscribed.

Programmers Heaven says:

Dear Admin i love your videos.
Please Guide me in which sequence should i have to learn your CAD tutorials or playlists im completely beginner.
Please for God Sake Guide me.
Reply me don't ignore me.

B.Yunique says:

when i draw a line and i insert a number in the bar the line stays the same, why is that and how can i fix it?

Neeraja Rayudu says:

clear crystal explanation awesome sir. keep it up

John Lupena says:

I'm a beginner i have facing problem with lines when i type line the horizontal green line doesn't appear. Can anyone help me? Thanks!

Prince Cabonilas says:

thank you !

curious minds says:

I am not able to draw that 1000m i type 1000 and press enter there is no only works when i click on end point also .. please help me out

james johnstone says:

really good video for introuding somone entirley unfamiliar with the software

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