ArchiCAD – Artlantis Rendering HD

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A two storey house at the north part of Corfu Island, Created by ArchiCAD – Artlantis
Designed by Katehis & Partners.


Karim Al-Azzawi‎ says:

Hi, I am from Iraq and admire the educational lessons that I am broadcasting to the needy. I need to help him on how to reduce the project and go back to him.

Studio 39 Design Studio says:

4 years later ArchiCAD has became better, I bet CineRender would have given this design better presentation.

Mason Mkhwanazi says:

I am still stuck with the demo version at school, I was wondering, can I produce the same level of detail as yours with a demo?

Бахтияр Абдыкеримов says:

ужасное исполнение нафига было позориться

David Parsons says:

Archicad Lightworks engine, with the right lighting can render better that is.

Moni Poppaea Di Maria says:

Looks great, i m now studing how this program works, i need to know for business. Can someone give me some good tips for help ??????????????

Samuel lopez lopez says:

What stairs?

Marius Ratiu says:

Great effort. It's unfortunate you didn't work as much on roof finishings like you did on the facade.

Lasse Hamborg says:

Stop screwing around – Y'all screw around too much!!!

John-Paul C says:

"They will NEVER TAKE OUR FREEDOM!!!"…. this music is a bit over the top my friend – from Braveheart

Cristian Mihut says:

Not even close! keep working mate!
Thumbs up for the effort!

gia huy Luong says:

5 minutes! too long for this

alla chakour says:

tancyou bibi

ViniTae x says:

can you speack in arabic plz

Bakhytzhan Zhugunissov says:

Nizhe srednego

Νικήτας Γερακιός says:

το οτι θα εβλεπα και mega στο ArchiCad… (3:44)

Irshad Karim says:


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