ACM005 – Simple Archicad Building

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We get a bit deeper into Archicad and go step-by-step how to draw up a simple building + get used to the tools of the workflow. It’s a simple design, nothing very exciting, but a good start to get you on your way to Archicad mastery.

This is the longest video in the series – 22 minutes long – so get a nice cup of coffee ready. If you download the iTunes version you’ll see I’ve added chapters into the video so you can jump back + forwards to whichever part you want.

The show covers:

The Wall tool  |   Editing Walls + Settings    |    Splitting Walls    |    Material selection    |    Storeys + Settings    |    Slabs + Settings   |  The Roof tool     |    Polyroof + Manual    |    Stairs + Slabs    |    Doors + Windows    |    The Mesh Tool    |    Adding vegetation

Suspending Groups    |    The Cursor Tracker    |    The Pet Palette    |    The Magic Wand    | The Eyedropper    |    The Syringe    |    General 2D + 3D views    |    Show All / Selection in 3D

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Enjoy the show!


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