3. FreeCAD Beginners Tutorial: Introduction to Arch & Draft Workbench

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FreeCAD tutorial for beginners where you will get an overview of the Arch & Draft workbench.

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Deepshankar Jha says:

very good for starting with freecad.must watch for new comers

Soman Raj says:

there is grid option in the axis tools in the Architectural workbench. can you provide a tutorial of that?

Peter Gossner says:

Thankyou. Nice walk around the applications capacities.

Nick Ogden says:

Great. thanks for making

Peter KornoŇ° says:

Hi. Please, can you tell us, what version you working with? Now I use version 0.15 and also I am not able to follow you, because my program do those operation, what you explain, different way. I am newbee in freecad, therefore I need to know this. Many thanks.

tegf4 says:

I down loaded this program and following your steps but my program is not doing what you are.
I go to arch then set up tool bars. Click on wall go to the grid and try to draw a line like you and my program wants to draw a line from top of grid to bottom of grid the length of the line I make.

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