2D In Blender 2.8 Is Amazing!

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Grease Pencil got a massive boost in Blender 2.8, turning Blender into a powerful tool for 2D drawing and animation. In this video we look at the new 2D functionality, first creating a simple animated 2D using drawing and sculpting tools. We then look at custom materials, fills and line styles and more. Finally we look at some of the FX and modifiers than can be applied to grease pencil objects.


Cookiejoyful says:

Adobe FLASH/Animate is shaking.

cupcake lover says:

So wait ordinary blender has an animate option?

doneld trumpet says:

Blender ver 98473829… Independent software, have a build in operating system… So just download blender and you ready to go for everything…

Andreas Tormin says:

Omg stickfigure fight animation here I come 0.o

dombyrashyKZ says:

360° draw blender?

Denwer Brugol says:

Cool, i think for making designes good too

Nejcraft says:

It still cant do textures on its own just by imagining it = you need talent = its time for me to start being creative which iam not = i will need to use a lot of reference images =
still not satisfied
(Take it as joke)

奇居子Velta says:

When I want my click back but can't. Then you still deserves a thumb-DOWN.
Just change your thumbnail right now.

pprandomnpz says:

At this rate, blender will replace my liver too. It does fricking everything!

JAK Tutorial: Learn Online IT says:

i have few questions please
1 = let me know if any task i have for blender rendering and modeling according provided dimension in inches or centimeter or mm so how i can module with surity ?
i was asked to module a room with provided size in inches details but i could not draw and model so any help please ?

2 = how can i apply color in any cycles rendered moduled obj format file ?
make sure i am asking for applying color not texture by internal render or cycles or eevee ?

Raz Black says:

i hope they come up with an open source replacement for substance painter / designer.. man, that would be a huge change

Vyrnich Amiat says:

Godot, Blender, Gimp, Natron, Krita, Inkscape, Kdenlive, great time to be alive XD

Luis Hansen says:

Reminds me of the good old times with Flash, back in 2004-2008…
Ahh Flash, rest in peace sweet prince.

Daniel Machado says:

disgusting clickbait…

Marie Seltenrych says:

What microphone do you use? It is so clear to hear! Thank you GFS !

Marie Seltenrych says:

I am speechless. I have a lot to learn and you guys are top notch.

Stick Figure Series says:

The grease pencil is likely the greatest tool in Blender. If any of you haven't updated to 2.8, DO IT NOW!! Seriously, I made this clip in an afternoon: (https://youtu.be/zLf2wqftPGY).

Since 2.8 came out, those who have used Blender for a while are like, "Aw……. our little boy has grown up."

Chronical Gaming says:

Can u use drawing tablets in blender 2.8?? Plz someone tell me

oskar zbiczynski says:

un-molested film lol

meshowz says:

hate when ppl use fake thumbnails just to seek attention to their videos.

Jason C says:

My PC has been broke for months why am i watching this it's torture. I can't wait to play with this

The_Matrix says:

Hi, this is from the future. When I opened up the file, my canvas is dark grey while your's is whitish. Please I need help as this make hard to draw with black

Design Factory says:

blender is GOD .The build mod. was brilliant !!!

Arturo Medina says:

Does it support tweening in 2D?

exodous02 says:

Huh, this is really cool. I use blender as a video editor and it works really well but I want to add more stuff in my videos and this could add quite a bit. This looks a bit easier than 3d animation, which I have tired but I'm just not a artist.

Foreign Grid says:


Cerbyo says:

that clickbait pissed me off, but the content itself was very good.

ZeFluffyNuphkin says:

Dude talks so fast and efficiently, its like an hour video in 16 minutes.

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