2018 ARCHICAD 22 World Premiere

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More information: http://graphisoft.com/archicad

ARCHICAD 22 – BIM inside and out

ARCHICAD 22 delivers design tool improvements and introduces enhanced design workflow processes. These represent significant performance improvements and productivity enhancements to its core design processes as well as to multidisciplinary collaborative workflows.
GRAPHISOFT launched ARCHICAD 22 at the 2018 Key Client Conference in Budapest.
If you missed the live stream, now’s your chance to catch up and watch the replay.

Opening video credits:
1. Vörösmarty tér 1, Budapest, Hungary
Architect: György Fazakas, Consultant architect: Jean Paul Viguier
2. Darmstadtium, Wissenschafts- und Kongresszentrum Darmstadt, Germany
Architects: fs-architekten Paul Schröder Architekt BDA and Chalabi architects & partners – Photo: Claus Graubner ©
3. Multifunctional dwelling complex on Mosfilmovskaya street, Moscow, Russia
Sergey Skuratov Architects | www.skuratov-arch.ru
4. Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex, Canada
architectsAlliance – www.architectsalliance.com
Photo © Ben Rahn / A-Frame
5. Bradford College, UK, Bond Bryan Architects www.bondbryan.com
6. University Library, Freiburg, Germany – DEGELO ARCHITEKTEN – www.degelo.net
Photo © Barbara Bühler

Closing video credit:
Model inspired by Georges Pompidou Centre, Paris, France
Architects: Renzo Piano, Richard Rogers and Gianfranco Franchini

Free ARCHICAD Download: http://www.graphisoft.com/downloads/



Seife Michael says:

good job ARCHICAD Team!

ivan date says:

hundreds of high paid engineer that make no progress since 15 years ago

filoflin says:

archicad 22 is a nightmare for a basic user..many simple functions that were mostly used are changed or removed…so many simple things are extremely unnecessarily overcomplicated…ramps,stairs,railings,curtain wall settings etc …many basic things that worked super fine are touched for who knows what reasons…its like working with a new program…but hey maybe the next gehry who has someone else to do his technical drawings is happy with it i dont know

Tineris Erik says:

Wtb price for a license?Since when hiding prices is a company policy?

Alex says:

"äh-counter" is starting: 1,2,3,4,5,6, … , 456, 457, 468 … error occured, starting from beginning…

Bulent Karakis says:

Archicad developers! You are suppose to make it simpler but you did add so many functions and commands, easier to make paintings on Excel, this is the start of archicad's decline.

Gerald Estrada Mogollón says:

The most interesting thing for me was the sunlight code in the natural light evaluation ,but i dont understand this caracters in the spanish version ,i'm from Peru , and I would be very grateful if you could help me understand this algorithm in my native language in the Latin American archicad blog or in this channel.

Maurice Kube says:

Yes! Finally I get those stickers on my curtain walls … 😀

Artyr Arthur says:


Humberto Yañez says:

Put nice models, get rid of cinerender and put on vray and archicad will become king

Cad pro ma says:

revit ideas

Sabrija VucInc says:

They are not capable to present this software. I'm not sure whrer did you find these people, especially girl.She's been too nervous,and she speaks too fast nad unclear.

Sabrija VucInc says:

That tiling bathroom thing is useless .I genuinely doubt that's right direction to expand your field of action.


The tool for the 21stians!

Amadou FALL says:

AchiCAD continue avec des innovations de taille.

mouath kitar says:

Well done guys archicad for life

kefyalew kebede says:

very taff work .thanks thos divoted their evey thing to design this soft ware

Yorel Kumayas says:

pls make some classic modeled videos againnn..

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