1.3 Kontur 2 – Nanocad Training

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So this is my first nanocad video, covers some basic stuff – enjoy! I will add more and more 😉

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Werner Bauer says:


I am new to any CAD programmes, and just downloaded this free nanoCad and it seems there is very little training material available in the net, so I basically watched them all before trying anything 🙂

I would have a need to do this kind of dimensional 2D object drawings like you did here, therefore this was quite helpful. However, due to the lack of my competence in this CAD area, I wasn't able to follow your training in all parts. It seems that probably this free SW doesn't have all the options like you showed in your example.

E.g. I was not able to make the diameter marking for the circles like you do in your video. In my case there always came this dimensional line inside of the circle with full length (in yours it was outside of the circle, like the radius markings). I also was not able to make that cross hair center point marking inside of the circle. For me that parameter value was fixed. Also the "isolate objects" (at the end of your video) was not visible in my 8.5 SW version.

Anyhow, your training was very useful and I appreciate very much your efforts and will be anxiously waiting for the next nanoCad training 🙂 Although I now don't have a real need to draw any 3D drawing making, I would be very curious to see you configuring some very simple object (like the one you draw in this training) into a 3D (Z-axis added).

Floyd Chandler says:

Very nice video. I'm new to drafting/CAD and use nanoCAD as my weapon of choice. I have to say that, of the few videos here on nanoCAD, yours definitely shines. I hope you make more of these. No doubt they'll all be well received. Thank you for sharing.

Krishnendu Basu says:


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